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It’s often been said that actions speak louder than words. Whether your goal is to increase quality of life by living
free of chronic pain, or to increase athletic performance by achieving a more functional body, rest assured that our 
Canadian and American Board Certified Chiropractors will be by your side every step of the way.

Largest Chriopractic & Physiotherapy Clinic

Chiropractic Health & PhysiotherapyCentre (CHPC) is the largest chiropracticphysiotherapy clinic in Dubai. store wars - how organic foods can help youDubai Chiropractor
CHPC utilizes the latest chiropractic techniques and the most advanced physiotherapy equipment available including
Pulse/Shock Wave therapy.

Helping Clients Find Results in Dubai

We’ve helped many Dubai, United Arab Emirates and MiddleEast residents who went from chiropractor to chiropractor Stressed Quiz
and finally found results in our office.

Specializing in Pregnancy, Pediatric, Sports, Family, Auto & Work Injury

Specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care, sports and family care, auto and work injuries, natural relief of chronic
pains, headaches, disc disorders, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome fix
  and other health issues. Our chiropractors help newborns,
infants, teenagers, adults and seniors

Begin Your Journey towards Better Health

Our chiropractic website is especially designed for health-conscious folks in Dubai, UAE, and the MiddleEast.

Begin your journey towards better health by visiting your Dubai Chiropractor. Call our office today!

Dr Ahmed Fares
Dubai, UAE and MiddleEast
United Arab Emirates Chiropractors
Phone: +971 4 3488262

Direct insurance billing for Cigna, SAICO, Bupa, & Alico

Feature Articles

Whiplash Predicts Future Problems?Whiplash Predicts Future Problems?

Many patients who consult Dubai chiropractors have whiplash injuries from five or 10 years ago or longer. Can the headaches, neck pain and arm tingling be related all these years later? Find out! more»


Germs As SeedsGerms As Seeds

Ever try to start a lawn from scratch in Dubai? It doesn't just happen. The conditions have to be just right over the period of days and weeks for a lawn to take hold. Same with catching a cold or the flu. more»

Topical Health Interests

Chiropractic For Golfers

golf-hurt-your-back - chiropractor Dubai Want to improve your game and lower your handicap? Chiropractic care could be your "secret weapon!" more»

Why Is Time So Hard to Manage?

time_management - chiropractor Dubai Everybody in Dubai gets a full 24 hours each day. How are you managing your allotment? more»

Optimise Your Financial Potential

financial-potential - chiropractor Dubai Debt can really do a number on your health. Read what Dubai residents are doing. more»

Music Improves Brain Function

bach-to-health - chiropractor Dubai Research shows music can help reduce stress, sharpen memory, improve sleep and increase your IQ. more»

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Your Chiropractor Asks some important questions of interest to Dubai residents - Chiropractor Dubai Your Chiropractor Asks...

Can chiropractic relieve PMS?
If you have subluxations, especially in the lower spine that impair nerves that direct and monitor the reproductive and hormonal systems, chiropractic could be helpful. Undetected subluxations may also be responsible for pelvic pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction and even infertility. Maybe chiropractic can help. Find out!
Where do most Dubai residents get their first subluxation?
Being born in a hospital is a common source of subluxation. Trauma from forceps delivery has been replaced with drugs, vacuum extraction, Cesarean section and births that are "scheduled" to fit the workweek routines of Ob-Gyns. That's why we recommend a chiropractic checkup for every Dubai newborn.