Can Golf Actually Hurt Your Back?

For many, a relaxing game of golf is the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday with three of your best friends. But, when Sunday or Monday morning rolls around, some feel pronounced pain in the lower backs. Can one of our favourite leisure time activities actually cause lower back pain?

According to the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association), lower back pain is a frequent complaint of professional golfers whose injuries are generally the result of playing too much. The same problem affects weekend golfers, but for a completely different reason. Their injuries are often caused by playing too infrequently!

Many weekend golfers lack proper swing technique and have no type of regular physical activity built into their weekly schedules. Inexperienced golfers tend to swing harder and the muscles used in this type of swing get overly stressed. An improper swing causes tension on the lower back. Investing in some golf lessons to learn proper swing mechanics could potentially lessen this risk.

Engaging in a regular walking exercise program or aerobic activity that benefits the entire body is also helpful in preventing lower back pain. In addition, older golfers (and younger ones too!) need to be aware of their endurance levels when they play. As a golfer gets tired, swing mechanics worsen, leading to more spinal stress and stiffness and increased lower back pain.

It’s interesting to note that even the most avid golfers obtain regular chiropractic care to improve their game. Pro golfer Tiger Woods states that lifting weights and visiting his chiropractor regularly have made him a better golfer. If chiropractic care works for Tiger, it could improve your golf game too!

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